• Kidloland Education App

    Kidloland Education App for Kids Review


    We all debate the amount of screen time our kids have and being a fan of that time being educational I was interested in reviewing the Kidloland Education App.  If the kids are going to be…

  • that phone call about your child

    That Phone Call About Your Child


    The phone rings and you see the school number flashing at you.  It’s that moment, that phone call about your child.  You panic because your first reaction is it’s an emergency and something has happened.  Flashes…

  • Delicious and quick Chia Pudding

    Delicious And Quick Chia Pudding For Breakfast


    I always seem to gravitate back to Shari at Good Food Week.  This week I have whipped up her delicious and quick Chia Puddings for breakfast.  Shari’s website is beautiful and you can check out her recipe…

  • Coffee with Michaela

    Coffee with Michaela from Not Another Slippery Dip


    This week I was really lucky and super happy that I could sit down for coffee with Michaela from Not Another Slippery Dip.  Michaela’s blog  is a fantastic blend of honest motherhood, parenting, lifestyle and lots…

  • little miss spills the beans

    Little Miss 4 Year Old Spills The Beans


      Just for a bit of fun, I thought I would get little miss 4 year old to spill the beans.  Little Miss 4.  Going on 16.  My little girl is a beautiful, funny, vivacious and…

  • why dogs are good for kids

    Top Reasons Why Dogs are Good For Kids


    Last year we lost our Boxer dog at the age of 13.  He was our first baby.  My husband and I are absolute dog lovers.  I couldn’t imagine my life without dogs being a part of…

  • sunday reflections

    September Sunday Reflections


    So my September Sunday reflections were never meant to be a weekly thing, just an occasional wrap-up life and self-reflect moment thing.  I don’t analyse myself on a weekly basis, I would go bonkers as most…

  • remember the dads

    The Crappy Mum That Forgets Fathers Day


    While everyone else is showing off the wonderful array of gifts and handmade cards and pictures for the amazing dads in this world, I am the crappy mum that forgets Fathers Day.  Every second day I…

  • man in the mirror

    The Man In The Mirror Looking Back At Me


    I found a really lovely and heartfelt poem about the man in the mirror when we recently took a trip up to my father’s farm which is about 6 hours north of Sydney.  He lives on…

  • do something for you

    13 Ways To Do Something For You


    I started thinking about ways to do something for you when I read The Sydney Morning Herald recently and it had an article about Australia having the worst life/work balance  and it made me think about why you should…