• my seven year old boy confession

    Chat With A Cheeky 7 Year Old


    Just for fun, I thought I would have a chat with my cheeky 7 year old in the form of an interview.  He thought it was really fun and I loved hearing his answers on the spot.…

  • Jord Wood watch review

    Jord Wood Watch Review and My Precious Time


    Time is a very valuable thing.  Maximising and managing our time effectively is something that we all try to do well.    My husband will tell you I am a complete punisher when it comes to…

  • prepare starting school

    How To Prepare Yourself For School


    First day of kindergarten. It is a huge step for the whole family , do you know how to prepare yourself for school? Gone are the trips to preschool with 3 teachers in the classroom, endless…

  • teaching my kids

    Guest Post – What Am I Trying to Teach My Kids


    I was pretty excited when Loopsy Mum – Debbie kindly asked me if I would do a guest post for her site.  I love her blog about the highs and lows of parenting so I thought it…

  • faces of social media

    Doubting Yourself On The Faces of Social Media


    How often are you doubting yourself on social media?  How often do you judge how you look compared to someone else on when scrolling through all those photos?  Too often I am afraid. Recently I have…

  • health and well-being

    Getting Excited About Your Health And Well-Being


    Do you have times throughout the year where you are just not excited about your health and well-being?  I have times through the year, every year where I am not as motivated with my exercise or…

  • Kidloland Education App

    Kidloland Education App for Kids Review


    We all debate the amount of screen time our kids have and being a fan of that time being educational I was interested in reviewing the Kidloland Education App.  If the kids are going to be…

  • that phone call about your child

    That Phone Call About Your Child


    The phone rings and you see the school number flashing at you.  It’s that moment, that phone call about your child.  You panic because your first reaction is it’s an emergency and something has happened.  Flashes…

  • Delicious and quick Chia Pudding

    Delicious And Quick Chia Pudding For Breakfast


    I always seem to gravitate back to Shari at Good Food Week.  This week I have whipped up her delicious and quick Chia Puddings for breakfast.  Shari’s website is beautiful and you can check out her recipe…

  • Coffee with Michaela

    Coffee with Michaela from Not Another Slippery Dip


    This week I was really lucky and super happy that I could sit down for coffee with Michaela from Not Another Slippery Dip.  Michaela’s blog  is a fantastic blend of honest motherhood, parenting, lifestyle and lots…