• Juggling it all as a parent

    Juggling It All As A Parent


    No one ever said that life was going to be easy.  Juggling all the balls as a parent is hard, whether you are working or a stay at home mum or dad.  Regardless, the same balls still…

  • Life Journey

    When Everything Happens For A Reason


    Life really is a pretty crazy place.  Regardless of what you believe in, the journey of being alive is truly amazing.  I have personally wondered if things really do happen for a reason, is karma a…

  • kids adapting

    Helping Kids Adapt to Change


    Change for anyone can be a huge process bringing many emotions but it can also be difficult helping kids adapt to change also.  I find that as I get older big things in my life that…

  • bobux giveaway

    Get Creative – Colour Your Shoes Giveaway!


    You know those times that you have given pens to your kid and they have gone quiet for 15 minutes and you get that gulp in the back of your throat because it is just too,…

  • family adventure

    Following Our Dreams and New Adventures


    I don’t remember the last time I was this petrified.  The last time my stomach was in this many knots was probably the morning of both my kids being born.  Before that it would have been…

  • morning routine #101

    Morning Routine With Kids #101


    When it comes to the morning routine, if there was ever going to be one giant parenting manual and not several millions of them floating around in the world, then I am sure there would be…

  • colour family print

    Raining Colour into our Family


    We have been on a journey of change for our family, that is how this blog really started and working out where we want to live and what we want for our family and it’s future.…