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  • In The Lyons Den Family-relocating-the-kids-520x400 Changing Schools and Relocating Kids relocating familychanges family relocating family moving changing schools change adapting to change

    Changing Schools and Relocating Kids


    Our family is on a new pathway, finally!  We will be changing schools and relocating the kids.  We are all hugely excited about our new journey for the family but with any big changes, it is…

  • In The Lyons Den Friends-Hugging-in-the-Field-520x400 Is it Time To Be Kinder To Mums? parenting parenthood mumlife motherhood beingaparent beingamum

    Is it Time To Be Kinder To Mums?


    Have you thought recently that it is time to be kinder to mums?  For decades women have been forging the way forward for equal rights and for choices.  In days gone by a woman’s place was…

  • In The Lyons Den Family-Walking-Together-520x400 6 Ways to Be An Effective Family Unit workingtogetherasafamily parenting motherhood familyunit family beingaparent beingafamily

    6 Ways to Be An Effective Family Unit


    There are times of the year that we are not an effective family unit and it feels like we are all going in different directions.  For us, as parents, this can be due to tiredness, stressful…

  • In The Lyons Den Working-Mum-juggling-520x400 Juggling It All As A Busy Parent parenting parenthood jugglingasaparent busyparent busymum beingaparent beingamum balanceasamum

    Juggling It All As A Busy Parent


    No one ever said that life was going to be easy.  Juggling it all as a busy parent is hard, whether you are working or a stay at home mum or dad.  There are so many balls…

  • In The Lyons Den Helping-Kids-With-Change-520x400 Helping Kids Adapt to Change parenting moving helpingkidswithchange familychanges family change adaptingtochange

    Helping Kids Adapt to Change


    Change for anyone can be a huge process bringing many emotions but it can also be difficult helping kids adapt to change also.  I find that as I get older big things in my life that…

  • In The Lyons Den Morning-Routine-520x400 What The Parenting Manuals Didn't Tell Me parenting morningroutine kidslistening kids beingaparent beingamum

    What The Parenting Manuals Didn’t Tell Me


    When it comes to the morning routine, if there was ever going to be one giant parenting manual and not several millions of them floating around in the world, then I am sure there would be…

  • In The Lyons Den Soccer-Mum-520x400 Taking Control of Soccer Mum Status soccermum soccer parenting family beingaparent beingamum

    Taking Control of Soccer Mum Status


    My son has recently joined the local soccer club.  It’s his first year actually playing in a team so we are all pretty pumped.  Me maybe more for the bacon and egg rolls on offer at…