What’s All the Noise About?

Did you always hate those job interviews where you had to list 3 of your strengths and 3 of your weaknesses?  I was always hopeless at trying to work out what they wanted me to say, what I should say and what I probably shouldn’t say.  Usually, I just end up saying it anyway.In the Lyons Den Photo

I am hopeless at cooking but try hard and probably wouldn’t make a very good housewife.  I am learning to embrace the mess because I think there is better shit that I can be doing with my life.

According to my husband, I can’t do two things at once especially when I am talking.  I thoroughly disagree with him, of course.

I mostly write about family, parenting, still working life out at the age of 38 and about endeavoring to build a house in New Zealand and hopefully move there.  We are trying to be a little bit adventurous and it would be really awesome if dreams really did come true. Watch this space to see if building a house in another country isn’t just the best idea in the world.  Insert stress metre now.

Family and friends are the most important people in my life and I am lucky to have some real corkers.

I constantly look over my shoulder to find the adultier adult and then realise there is no one standing behind me.

I still do a flying leap into bed after a mid-sleep toilet stop just in case someone grabs my ankles.  Cause you know, it happens.

So here I am just writing away and so far feel pretty stoked to have met some wonderful other people, worked with some wonderful people and just had some wonderful opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  That’s a whole lot of wonderful right there.  I am sure that there are heaps of other exciting things I could tell you, but I will leave it there.  The element of surprise and all.

Feel free to say hi, if there was a degree in talking, I would probably have my PhD by now. xxx

We were born to be real.  Not to be perfect.


what's all the noise about


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