• appreciating the good with the hygge philosophy

    Bring the Hygge Philosophy Into Your Life


    I may be a little behind the times or sleeping under a rock but recently I came across the Hygge philosophy and I fell in love.  Once I read about the awesome Danish people who follow…

  • Recreating the Kids Bedrooms with Nordlife


    When we moved recently many of the items that adorned the kids walls were ripped down and many didn’t survive the move.  When decorating their rooms I had spend a lot of time finding wall decals…

  • thoughtful teachers gift ideas for your teacher student holding an apple

    Thoughtful Teachers Gift Ideas For End of Year


    It is hard to believe it is that time of year again we need to start thinking and coming up with some teachers gift ideas for the end of the school year!  I am the class…

  • Husband and wife holding hands. What is a good wife

    What Kind of Wife Are You?


    Recently a woman put up a legitimate question on a forum that consists of mostly mums and wives, and lots of them.  She made mention that she made her husbands sandwiches each day and was asking…

  • Bupa Australia blog awards parenting

    I am a 2017 Bupa Australia Blog Awards Finalist!


    I have to say I was slightly shocked in my week of dizziness a few weeks back to receive an email saying that I was a 2017 Bupa Australia Blog Awards Finalist!  I mean, does anyone…

  • a woman feeling overwhelmed and suffering anxiety

    10 Effective Ways to Help Manage Anxiety


    It is so important that we continue to look after ourselves and I have sat down to compile my top 10 effective ways to help manage anxiety.  I recently have suffered from anxiety which you can…

  • effective ways to build resilience in our children

    Building Resilience In Our Kids


    I have incredibly strong kids.  They are strong in so many ways, but are they resilient kids?  Both my children will speak their mind, say no, speak what they feel but when it comes to recovering…

  • anixety and stress and taking care of me

    When I Needed To Take Care of Me


    Many of us understand as mums and as people, we tend to put others needs above our own.  We care about our loved ones and how they are coping and this last week I hit a…