I am a 2017 Bupa Australia Blog Awards Finalist!

Bupa Australia blog awards parenting

I have to say I was slightly shocked in my week of dizziness a few weeks back to receive an email saying that I was a 2017 Bupa Australia Blog Awards Finalist!  I mean, does anyone read my blog??!!!  Bupa Australia started the blog awards back in 2013 as they recognised through their space The Blue Room that they could help get their message across through bloggers, real people who could share their stories.In the Lyons Den family Bupa Blog awards finalist

At first, I was extremely excited and wondered how I even got nominated in the first place.  There were over 800 entries and my blog is just little old me in a HUGE blogging community.  But my palms turned pretty sweaty when I saw that in the parenting category there was some extremely tough competition.  There were bloggers that when I started I was aware had a large following because they were informative, real and wrote extremely well.  Wonderful bloggers that some I have gotten to know through blogging groups in Australia like Maxabella Loves, Picklebums, The Modern Mama and Veggie Mama.

Last year I had no idea where this blog would take me.  I knew I wanted to write about our family changes and what we wanted to do with our lives and I also knew that I could write about parenting and basically have no idea as a mother or a person what I w

mother and children and the fine line of parenting

as doing.  Just winging it like the rest.  There have been times where I have wanted to throw it all in because I was just a little fish in an extremely big pond and I doubted what I wrote and whether it was actually any good.

But however, I have met some wonderful people who I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  I have made connections with other people who are lovely and creative and have a flair and passion for something.  I have learned so much in the last year about how I write, what inspires me and hopefully what inspires other people.  I have definitely learned a bit about my grammatical errors as well, whoops!

I don’t expect to win such a great blogging awards program, but I am proud to be part of it along some wonderful Australian bloggers and being part of the experience is wonderful.  I never expected to be a finalist!

Voting closes at the end of this week, but if you feel like throwing in a wave or a vote for me I would greatly appreciate it!  You can also check out all the competition plus the other wonderful bloggers in several other different categories they have.

The voting is right here at The Bupa Australia Blue room


vote for the bupa blog award finalists family here


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