Another Year Comes to a Close


As another year comes to a close it is these times that we look at what has changed, what hasn’t changed and what will possible change in the future.  Every year is full of optimism and hope and sometimes filled with tears and sadness.  The years roll on and as we have all heard from the time we were tiny poppets, the years get faster and faster and it feels like moments leave us just as they are beginning.  Each moment feels like it is always slightly out of reach.  I feel like I don’t appreciate it enough, enjoy it enough or live it enough.

But then it is times like this that we do sit back and reflect on all those moments and we do appreciate them.  We can’t relive them, but they make the framework of the year that has been whether happy or sad or somewhat in between.  There are times that I feel guilty about having my phone around too much, but then I am also happy that on New Years Eve as I wish the year goodbye I can flick back through 6873 photos that I have taken and the many, many wonderful memories within those lovely little squares.

This year for us has been an incredibly up and down year.  A year full of potential change and a year that the change coming has been building for some time.  Within that change and the climbing towards something different, there have been new little changes along the way.  The road has become slightly altered, more pathways have emerged and some that we thought we were going along seamlessly, seemed to hit dead ends.  It has been a real combination of crossroads and our family finishes the year sitting at an almighty crossroad.  Every pathway has new little roads and lanes stemming from it and at this stage with so many options in front of us, we are just going to sit on our suitcases and ponder the arrows and directions a bit longer.

As with everything, we have no crystal balls and no potential right way for our family to go.  We can only hope that through the next year we work out where we want to go and hope that the road doesn’t incur too many speedhumps and dead ends.  Change isn’t just about me anymore either.  The new beginnings we dream about within a new year affect everyone in the family now.  Gone are the days of being young and looking with sparkly eyes at the new year.  There will be plenty of sparkle no doubt but the sheen and gloss of the years is not what it was when I was in my twenties and making decisions for the new year is about making the right choices for my children too, which is a huge responsibility.  I affect their future and how their 2017 will start and end.

We could have done things on a whim all those years ago.  But now we face every decision with so many what if’s and wanting to make the path for our children as clear and amazing and helpful as possible.

Good things are always on the horizon.  I always try to remember that within everything we can find something positive and something beautiful.  Even the flys and mosquitos have purpose.  Now I sound like I am just getting dull.

I am not dull nor will I be dull in 2017.  My year I am sure will not be dull.

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

I love this and it will be all of the above.  May it be all of the above as that is the beauty of life.  The good times need the bad times and we need the messy in the middle times.  Change is necessary and important.

So if you follow along I hope you stay for the messy and the gorgeous.  I am definitely hoping for more gorgeous but hey, it will all work out how it is meant to right?

May your 2017 be a mixture of love, happiness, health and a bit of messy amongst it all.


Suzy xxx


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    I hope you have a great 2017 Suzy!

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