First Steps In the Building Process

first step in the building process

What do you think that you would choose if you got to build your ideal house and went through the building process? This is the first steps in the building process for us and starting to see our dreams actually becoming a reality.  It is pretty exciting thinking of things that you would like to have and how exactly you would want them.  Our first set of sketches has come back to us and we are pretty excited.  We are not building anything flamboyant or extra tricky but want to build something that will suit us and two kids for hopefully many years to come.  It’s an exciting journey that we have been on.  The last time we were in Queenstown we stayed at Nugget Point Hotel which is one of my favourite hotels to stay.  The atmosphere of the place is lovely and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly.  It has a lovely sitting area with open fire and a lovely dining room which serves delicious breakfast options and has a really nice dinner menu as well.  The room we stayed in had a lovely view of the river and its great watching the jet boats going up and down the river and there were some lovely rainbows!first steps in the building process

The architects listened to our ideas of what we liked and disliked and creating a family home that allowed for maximum sunlight, space for the kids as they turned into feral teenagers and space for hopefully the millions of friends and family that come and visit us while we are there!  It has been fantastic discussing all the important factors to consider when building especially in Queenstown where the weather is much cooler than here so warmth and sunshine are very important.

I was also really keen to have a good outdoor entertaining area with a fireplace.  We will come from a house in Sydney with a large backyard so as we won’t have much backyard here it was important that we had space to sit in the sun during the day and in the afternoons have a fireplace that we could enjoy some of the lovely sunsets on offer in Queenstown.

We have discussed all the different types of ways to heat the house.  In Australia we called them air conditioners or reverse cycle and over here they are called a heat pump!  We have really discussed all the bones of the house and the exterior, what it will be made from and how to keep the costs down as much as possible.  We are not ultra modern people so didn’t want an ultra modern house.  It is going to be modern but something that doesn’t date within the next 10 years and isn’t too over the top.

We have had several conversations with the architects about the configuration and the style and what we want where.  It’s not really exciting to anyone else other than us, but we are just so excited!  To have something that started off as a bit of a dream to be turning into reality feels very surreal and damn frightening at the same time!!  We feel extremely lucky to have this opportunity to try something like this.  The people we are working with are very talented, don’t ask me why I am building a house, I still draw stick figures when I am asked to draw a princess or a dragon.  I am hopeless.  To feel like we are part of the build process and the creating of something amazing that will eventually be a home filled with family, memories, laughter, probably lots of crying too but amazing things that will be our memories is a wonderful feeling.

It’s the start of this process becoming real and forming all our thoughts and dreamy ideas for at least 5 years.  It is the start of doors closing and new doors opening.  To see it come into fruition is really wonderful and I sometimes have to stop and remind myself of that and how lucky we are to be following through with a dream when for some it isn’t possible or for others it is just too hard.  Don’t get me wrong it has taken hours of talking, discussing and many hours of arguing to get to this point but it will be worth it and the kids see us striving towards our goals and doing something we want to do, because hey, isn’t that what life is meant to be about?

Have you taken first steps in the building process?  What was your experience like?  Hopefully more good stories than bad!

first steps in our building process






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  • Reply Ange 27/05/2016 at 10:25 pm

    We spent years designing our “forever home” and then owner built it. It was a labour of love and took forever to build but is so nice to have a custom built house that is just for us! We have lived here almost 3 years and it has only just started to feel like it is our home and we aren’t just borrowing it. It’s just a lovely feeling to see a dream come true and I hope your building experience is the same xxx

    • Reply Queenstown Vibes 27/05/2016 at 10:43 pm

      Thank you so much Ange! Yes I can imagine it feels so different and we will be in another country too so I imagine it will take a while to adjust. Sounds wonderful what you have done and sounds like you are really enjoy it which is fantastic. 🙂

  • Reply Sam Stone 27/05/2016 at 8:39 pm

    I’m so excited to follow your journey!

    • Reply Queenstown Vibes 27/05/2016 at 10:40 pm

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. 🙂 Hard when we are so keen and it is a lengthy process! But it’s getting there!

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