• An easy recipe for an afternoon snack healthy apricot date oat bars

    Healthy Apricot, Date Oat Bars


    When it comes to easy cooking and something the kids love, look no further than these healthy apricot date oat bars.  Packed with goodness and very little bad stuff, although you could put some choc chips…

  • A fresh loaf of banana raspberry coconut bread

    Banana, Raspberry and Coconut Bread


    I am a huge fan of Banana bread, toasted with a small lashing of butter.  So delicious.  So when I came across this recipe for Banana, Raspberry and Coconut bread by the fabulous duo Mums in…

  • Delicious And Quick Chia Pudding For Breakfast


    I always seem to gravitate back to Shari at Good Food Week.  This week I have whipped up her delicious and quick Chia Puddings for breakfast.  Shari’s website is beautiful and you can check out her recipe…

  • Lemon Yoghurt Cake


    So I love easy.  And this Lemon Yoghurt Cake is dead easy.  Almost so that you may not even need to go to shops to buy special stuff that you never have in the cupboards and…

  • plate of homemade chewy museli bars

    Homemade Chewy Muesli Bars


    I have been wanting to bake better options for my kids and then at least I know what goes into their tummies.  These chewy homemade Muesli bars were discovered over at Not Another Slippery Dip, another…

  • Mexican Chicken With Lime Quinoa


    When I first entered the blogging world, a very short time ago I was lucky enough to stumble across Shani from Good Food Week who is a passionate foodie, a busy mum, introduces awesome products and creates fabulous…

  • Middle Eastern Fish Baked With Cous Cous


    So my first Wednesday dish was fish and I tried Middle Eastern Fish.  We don’t eat a lot of fish and so I wanted to try to add this into the diet more. This dish was…

  • Cheese Biscuits Goodness!


    This is one the easiest and yummiest recipes for cheese biscuits that I have come across.  I found this on the fantastic website Happy Mum Happy Child. There are lots of other delicious recipes to scroll through plus…