Chat With A Cheeky 7 Year Old


Just for fun, I thought I would have a chat with my cheeky 7 year old in the form of an interview.  He thought it was really fun and I loved hearing his answers on the spot.  I tried to think of some usual and interesting questions so I can see what he says next year.  Here are my 7 year olds confessions,

What is the grossest thing you have ever seen?

Slugs on the ground squished are gross, and poo.  Poo is totally yucky.

What are you the best at doing?

Riding my bike.  I practice and so I am good at pedalling, breaking and holding the bars.

What is something that Daddy is really good at?

Mountain biking.  He practices really hard and he goes with his friends.  He is really good at going off cliffs.

What is the best thing about your sister?my 7 year old

She plays with me.  She plays heaps of different games like the movie game which we are going to play after dinner.

If you were invisible for a day what would you do?

I would do bad things as no one could see like. I would jump off the roof of a train, jump off a building.  I would smash windows of the cars.

If you could join 2 animals together what would they be?

A cheetah and lion.  Because cheetahs are so fast and if the police were chasing me after smashing the windows I would get away and the lion because if it was cold I could snuggle into him.

What do you really like about being you?

I like me because I do fun stuff.  I love playing with my cars.  I am Australian cause I like Australia and I like that I think about lots of stuff.  I am really funny too and I am a good friend.

What makes Mummy laugh?

If I shake my bottom at her and if I say “oh no, there is a big fat man”.  That makes her laugh.

What do you think will be different when you are a grown up?

Lots of building will be knocked down.  The train lines will probably be ripped up, there will probably be roads there instead. I think there will be more units instead of houses.

my seven year old boy confession

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