Father’s Day Last Minute Gift Ideas

Fathers day coffee and gift

If you are like me, you need Father’s Day last minute gift ideas, because if you were following along last year, I forgot Fathers Day altogether.  Yep, you can read all about how I forgot Father’s Day.  With so many special occasions throughout the year it can be hard to keep on top of all the presents

Gift ideas for fathers day baby and familybut when the events roll around, I think it is always nice to give something meaningful and not just socks and undies.  Don’t get me wrong, most men need new socks and undies but showing our loved ones how much we appreciate them is really important and one of the things we love about Fathers Day is just hanging out as a family.  Now the kids are bigger it has become important to make daddy pancakes or breakfast in bed and a large cup of tea.  But what else is nice to wrap up and show how much we love these amazing guys that do so much for us and our families?

Well, I have a great list right here of so great last minute gift ideas if you are like me too and need to grab something at the last minute but keeping it thoughtful.  I’ve got you covered!


  1. Energizer Headlight.  This is the perfect gift for us as we are about to move to a rural property and the kids are super excited about doing some animal watching with Dad at night time.  I know there are times when my husband goes to get the wood or the beer fridge in the garage or on our camping holidays and he needs both hands.  If this is your husband then he needs this headtorch!  Energizer has great battery life and this fits around your head really well.  I say it is a perfect present that will definitely get used!Energise head torch fathers day gift ideas
  2. I saw this and thought of you – gift box.  I have given my husband one of these gift boxes and they are really lovely.  These two lovely ladies hand pick gorgeous items for all sorts of special occasions and Fathers Day is perfect.  Craft beer, beef jerky, bottle opener, a gift card plus you can add more things that you choose.  Well priced and lovely gifts you don’t see everywhere.  They are perfect for loads of occasions.
  3. Frank Green Smart Cup. If your husband or dad is like mine, they like coffee and tea.  These great smart cups are becoming so popular now as people focus more and more about disposable cups.  This brand allows you to design the lid and cup in the colours you want so they are all custom made, plus they do a range of water bottles as well for the men who also need to drink more water!gift box ideas for dad for fathers day
  4. Red Balloon Gift Voucher.  Experiences are always a huge hit and Red Balloon has a huge choice of activities and places to go that should suit anyone’s budget and likes.  There are amazing activities all across Australia so why not make a day of it and do something special for dad.
  5. Elk Accessories.  One of my favourite stores because it has a huge choice of items for men.  Wallets, toiletries, cufflinks and a heap of other accessories which means buying something quality as well as something they will love.
  6. Brewquets Craft Beer.  I bought one of these little packages for my husband for Christmas and he loved it.  They offer a great choice of craft beer as well as a glass.  If the men in your life love trying different beers, then this is a nice little selection to get them started.craft beer gift ideas for fathers day

Father’s Day isn’t about the gifts but it is a special time for appreciating each other as a family.  What do you get up to when you celebrate Father’s Day?  Share some of your gift ideas with me!

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    These are all such lovely ideas! 💕

    • Reply In The Lyons Den 20/09/2017 at 8:24 pm

      Thank you! Sometimes it can be hard picking the right gift! I always need help! xx

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