Hump Day Hype Link Up #6! – Getting Over The Hump This Week

Hump Day Hype Link Up

Can you believe that we are here again?  A whole week has just shot by and I can say that it is somewhat scary.  Scary for the fact that 6 other days are gone with not a lot to actually write home about.  The weeks at the moment are just filled with “life”.  Plain old life.  That isn’t to say it is a bad thing.  Life is good.  But some weeks just nothing happens.  There are no adventures, experiences just day to day living and breathing and getting shit done.  Mainly that involves shit to do with little people and making sure they end up at the right sporting event, the right dance class and just generally at school on time with at least their hair looking semi-respectable. So getting me over the hump this week is just purely getting over the hump.  The hump of life and the craziness of it all.

So in saying that while I sit here currently drinking a pretty fat glass of wine and read all of last weeks link ups, because I am so behind this week and feel like I am in a spin (wine helps that doesn’t it?) I will let you know who my favourite from last week was.

Featured Blogger of the Week

Harnessing Happy- The Date Night Guide for Parents with Littles

I loved this one because as you get older and more children seem to appear in the house it does become harder.  We are thankful now we have grandparents close at hand always willing to take our little ones with them which means we can have dinner or a weekend together.  So important in any relationship and I think everyone should read this guide and schedule in a date night ASAP!  My mother gave us a gift voucher for Christmas and we really need to get onto using that, so thank you for reminding me!  We can always all do with more love and support from each other right?

So what has got me over the hump this week?hump day hype link up

  1. Wine.  Yes, the lovely wine that I sit drinking here now.  I don’t normally drink during the week but husband was away, came home injured and we have had some school dinners mid week which just means now that it is hump day I should just continue on for this week and enjoy doing it differently.  I am so behind in every aspect of my life right now that it may help in some ways, but in other ways, it won’t!! I’m just going to enjoy it though and take it for what it is this week!
  2. Breathing and Focussing. At present, although the week was non-eventful we actually have a whole heap of stuff on our plate.  We are dealing with a range of different things at the moment which is personally doing my head in but also I am finding I am overwhelmed by it all at the same time.  Does that even make sense?  I just need to remember one foot in front of the other (so not too much wine), breathe, take each day as it comes and that I can’t control how everything turns out.  Some weeks can be so consuming, even by the mundane life so it is important to breathe and refocus.  I also have about 4 to do lists currently on the go and they never seem to be going down!
  3. Cleaning products.  Both my husband and I run a business and so we have been lucky enough for the last 7 years to have cleaners who came in fortnightly and just helped with the enormity of cleaning our house, it doesn’t have 16 bedrooms but it isn’t small.  That is if they wehump day hype link upre able to actually clean anything.  We had an ongoing argument about cleaning for the cleaners.  Back me here people!  My husband thought I was bonkers, but I had a valid argument – I am not paying them to clean up my children’s shit, I want the surfaces cleaned so if we remove all the paraphernalia covering almost every surface of the house then they can do their job better!  So I cleaned up for the cleaners.  It makes sense, I think. I didn’t fully clean just put things away.  You with me?  But now we are not using the cleaners and doing the cleaning ourselves.  I actually enjoy doing it myself as it is more satisfying, but man trying to fit those extra hours is stressful.  My one day off a fortnight with my daughter was me running around like a lunatic vacuuming, mopping, toilet cleaning, shower cleaning and chucking 2 loads in the washing machine all before 11 am to go to a play date.  Mum life hey!!  It’s a love/hate relationship sometimes!
  4. NonJudgement.  We all judge from time or time, some of us more frequently but we never know what someone is going through, how someone is feeling or what is going on in their mind.  We all think differently.  We are all individual.  We all get on our high horse and can’t believe that someone is doing something a certain way, but that might make them happy.  None of us having any right to judge how others think and choose to live their life because, at the end of the day, we all end up facing the same thing.  It is what makes us happy and how we feel.  Of course, if you are an ax murderer, I’m judging.  But daily we all have a story and none of us truly know what most people’s story is, so let’s be kind and accept each other for who we are.

May the rest of your week be filled with sunshine and happiness.  Thank you for linking up again, I do look forward to reading so many great posts each week.  We all have so much to offer and share xxxx

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  • Reply Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms 09/03/2017 at 1:24 pm

    Yes on the non-judgement! I am so tired of people arguing and being judgy!

  • Reply Adree 08/03/2017 at 7:57 am

    Deep breathing and laughter are the two main things that are getting me through this week. Thanks for hosting this link up!

    • Reply In The Lyons Den 08/03/2017 at 10:36 pm

      Oh yes I agree that lots of both of those are very helpful! Here is to lots more of that for the rest of the week. Thanks for linking up xxx

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