We have Taken The Leap Into Paradise!

we have taken the leap into paradise

So we did it, we have taken the leap into paradise!  Yep, we bought some land in beautiful Queenstown!  We are super excited!  Finally something we have talked about and thought about for so long and we have taken the plunge.

I know probably many people think hey it is just moving from Australia to New Zealand, wow you guys are sooooo adventurous.  I get it.  We aren’t moving to Nepal, or the other side of the world, or the dark jungles of South America.  But for me, moving my entire family (the whole 2 adults and 2 children) is a big deal.  Uprooting a 3 and 6 year old to me means a lot.  Moving away from our safe and comfortable life that we have lived for many, many, yes many years into something we don’t know.  Not knowing if our new environment and life will be better or not and yes to me this is a big deal. Starting all over again with no friends or family is a big deal. Fitting in to a new school system is big for the kids and for me too!  Moving to a town of only 28,000 people is very different to living in Sydney.  But let’s face it, it is paradise, one of the most beautiful places in the world and so far the people I have met who live there seem pretty lovely and the culture and work/life balance that New Zealand seems to offer is enticing.

So after several years of umming and ahhing and doing lots of talking and dreaming  we decided in August last year to go across as two adults to check things out.  Now this was a big deal in itself I might add.  Two adults on a plane with no children.  Two adults in Queenstown for 5 whole taken leap into paradisedays with no children.  If we had left it there, that alone would have been paradise!  So after touching down and realising we had a gazillion hours to ourselves we set ourselves to task to really check out what living here is like, not just looking around as a tourist.  We have travelled to Queenstown every year for 6 years so we feel we know it fairly well but to live here really requires a different set of eyes.  We visited the local school and did a tour with a wonderful and passionate educator, we went around all the areas to live at different hours of the day to see the sunlight aspects, talked to lots of local folk, looked at some houses we liked and really tried to think of as many negatives as possible.  We tried to talk ourselves out of it, tell ourselves it was a silly idea and that the luster would wear off.  It was a terrible idea.  But the more we talked to people and the negatives we heard were not things that really threw us off.  There would certainly be things that would take getting used to but that would be the case anywhere that wasn’t Sydney and the comfortable box we currently lived in.

So we came back to Sydney and had a good long hard think about our life.  Our hardest thing was that we run our own business.  How do we walk away from that, the flexibility of being available to the kids at school, being free to look after them if one of them is sick.  We also work together.  Yes, we do.  Don’t you want to kill each other you ask?  Well, yes sometimes.  But mostly we actually work quite well together.  We have different strengths that we pull together when we need to that compliment each other and the biggest strength is that we don’t take anything personally.  If we have a disagreement, it’s business.  We don’t then hold a grudge and play it out later at home.taken the leap into paradise  We have the same goal in the end, we just sometimes have different ideas about how to get there.

So, how do we throw that all in?  That was our biggest hurdle about moving.  What if losing the business we currently have was a mistake.  But what if having this particular business controlling our lives forever was also a mistake? We could always do something else, there is no rule book saying you can’t start a new business.  There were endless questions and thought processes to work through.

I was looking through the internet and there was some blocks of land for sale and an area that we really liked, about 10 minutes out of town and in quite a lovely little suburban area.  It looked perfect and we could afford to buy it.  The point was even if we couldn’t build for a while we had something to focus on and know we were doing something about it even if it ended up being years down the track, it was an in.  So within 2 months we became official land owners in New Zealand!  We were so excited.  It was the start of something we had dreamed about!  We were getting our teeth into Queenstown and it felt great.  Even if it didn’t work out we still felt it was a good investment regardless but it seemed like the stars had aligned and perhaps things would fall into place.  I am not an overly spiritual person but I do believe that things turn out the way they are meant to.

We are pretty nervous about building in another country.  Perhaps we are seriously crazy!!!!  But it is still reason to celebrate and we are so happy.

Would love to hear from other people who have taken a plunge and taken a leap into paradise and fulfilled their dreams!


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