Top Tips to Help Protect Little Eyes and Noses in the Summertime


Being an Aussie gal there are 2 things that generally surround our household in the summertime.  Little eyes and little noses.  Coming from a family where one can sneeze at least 25 times in a row means that the kids suffer mildly with hay fever and allergies during the spring/summer season.  These little eyes and little noses also love being in the water and we all know there is a limit to how long you can keep the kids inside for!

Living in sunny Australia means lots we do have lots of time outdoors and most of my childhood and now my children’s childhood is predominantly spent in the swimming pool or someone else’s pool.  Summer wouldn’t be the same without swimming in the pool.  Most of the time my kids will wear her goggles but they do get sick of them and don’t forget there are plenty of times that we can’t find them because there is the beach bag, the school swimming bag, the everyday bag or they have just been left somewhere out the back.  This means their eyes are exposed to chlorine a fair bit and does affect their eyes and their noses.

One thing I have found that helps for both eye irritations is Fess Little Noses and Fess Little Eyes.  Fess makes a range of gentle cleansing wipes and saline nose spray which really helps when we get out of the pool or when the allergies can get a bit too much.  (no more flowers from Daddy anymore).  The harsh chemicals in the pool can really affect the kids so Little Noses and Little Eyes does help to clear away the chemicals.  Here are some of the things we have learnt in protecting them at this time of year:

  • When the kids are getting out of the pool, generally we do a rinse off for body and hair, but it’s really important they rinse their eyes too.  The water will try to flush out the chlorine as much as you can.  Chlorine or Saltwater can cause irritation.
  • Wear goggles as much as you can when in the water.  I know my kids get those annoying marks and want to take them off.  And I feel like I am forever loosening them or tightening them!
  • The chlorine can cause congestion in the nose and irritation so the Fess Little Noses is a very gentle saline spray that will help clear out the mucus.  Eye drops or cleansing wipes will also help cool the eyes and help remove some of the chlorine after rinsing.
  • Always important is to wear a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses when possible.  The hot Australian sun can be really damaging so it is important we stay on top of this and get our kids in the habit of always doing this nice and early.

And lastly!  Enjoy the Christmas/New Year holidays and plenty of swimming and sunshine!

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