Recreating the Kids Bedrooms with Nordlife


When we moved recently many of the items that adorned the kids walls were ripped down and many didn’t survive the move.  When decorating their rooms I had spend a lot of time finding wall decals and stickers that I really liked and that thought would look fantastic in the rooms.  Although many didn’t survive the move, we are also entering a different stage of the kids life and what they want on the walls now and in the future is different, so it was quite fitting to find something a little different and something that would suit them bedrooms wall stickers

We will be doing some repainting and decorating at some point but not for a while and I really wanted the kids to feel at home in their rooms and when I found Nordlife I instantly loved their beautiful shop and what they had to offer.  Nordlife has been created to inspire us with beautiful designs and creations of the Nordic regions.  Their simplicity but elegance is just lovely and I found some gorgeous wall decals on their site which I knew the kids would love.

panda wall stickers kids bedroomsMy little girl has always had animals on her walls and many in her bed as well.  Being an animal lover it felt fitting to get some beautiful animal decal wall stickers to put up in her room.  The design of the animals is so simple but just beautiful and I really felt it was something that suited her now but would also suit her room in years to come which was something I really liked.  There is a huge range of different animals to chose from and really any age of child would love the different range.  When I showed her the beautiful animals that we had picked, the dream animals, she loved them and every night must say goodnight to each and everyone one of her new friends!

My son is a little older now but regardless is still a huge car enthusiast.  In his previous bedroom, I had a wall of cars and trucks but I knew that he was getting a little bigger now and could use a change and go with something that still shows what he loves.  I chose a poster for him that was also simple and elegant and chose the car poster.  I love the classic vehicles it has on it and I know he will have it for years to come.

Nordlife has such a lovely range of beautiful things for bedrooms, you should really jump on and take a look at what they have to offer.  I love the Nordic influence and bringing the simple but beautiful designs and lines into what they have to offer through the huge range of designers they are showcasing.

Have you redecorated your children’s rooms recently?  What have you done to change their room through the years?


**Thank you very much to Nordlife for gifting me the animal wall stickers and poster.

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