Thoughtful Teachers Gift Ideas For End of Year

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It is hard to believe it is that time of year again we need to start thinking and coming up with some teachers gift ideas for the end of the school year!  I am the class parent this year for one of my children so it is up to me to come up with some gifts to say thank you for all their hard work and dedication that they put into educating our kids as well as all the other amazing things they learn while in their care.

Teachers often get chocolates, mugs, pens and more chocolates.  We have been lucky to have had some fabulous teachers for both my kids that I know they have learned so much from.  I really like to give the teachers something more than just a box of chocolates, because let’s face it, we all love chocolate but I like the teachers to know I have put a bit more effort into saying thank you than just taking a trip to Woolworths.  Oh, and FYI, Woolworths currently has bags of snack sized chocolate for half price!!!

Anyway, back to the teacher’s gift ideas.  Here are some of the ideas I have come up with this year for these awesome people and I thought I would share them with you!:

candles as a present to your teacher

  1. Bligh Street Candle Co.  I don’t know if I have ever smelt candles this good in my life!  Everything about these candles is amazing from the packaging, the thought and love that have gone into making them, the fast delivery and of course how good they smell.  These are beautiful candles and well worth the purchase, and I must say I was incredibly impressed with the price.  I even bought some for myself!
  2. Frank Green Reusable Cups and Bottles.  There are not many teachers I know that doesn’t love and need a good cup of coffee.  Teachers these days can’t walk around with their mug on duty so these reusable cups that are made right here in Australia are perfect and stylish!  There is also a great selection of water bottles as well, so maybe get one of each!  These can be a great present for the men and women teachers out there.
  3. UberKate Jewellery.  This jewelry selection has really taken off and her jewelry is just lovely.  presents for your teacher uberkate jewelleryThis is a real keepsake for anyone to have a personal piece of jewelry made that they can wear always.  Now I am not suggesting you put the class names on the necklace but I am sure if the teacher is married with children this would be a lovely gift.  UberKate is on the more expensive side but if you are doing a group gift from the whole class, this would be really something special and treasured.
  4. Endota Day Spa Voucher.  I am not even a teacher and I would graciously accept any form of getting out of the house and being pampered.  Endota Spa has locations all around Sydney and offers some lovely, affordable packages to really treat your teachers and give them some wind-down time.  After all, they have had to deal with your kids all year!!  They hav
  5. thoughtful presents for teachers the daily editede packages for both men and women.
  6. The Daily Edited – Luxury Leather Pouches.  These beautiful leather pouch
    es are a lovely way to show someone you have put thought into the present.  You have the option of so many colours and styles and you have the option to do monogramming on the front.  I have put the teachers’ initials in gold letters and they look gorgeous.  They also have a range of stylish phone covers that would suit the men teachers also!


So there are my top 5 thoughtful gifts for your teachers!  They really do deserve a big thank you I think.  Have you got any lovely and thoughtful gift ideas?  Share them with me!


Teachers Gift Ideas for the end of the year


*Photos courtesy of The Daily Edited and Uberkate

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