Why Running Is Great For Your Brain

benefits of running

I read a fantastic article by Science of Us  on why running is great for your brain and how it helps clear the mind.  Most times that I run it is a fantastic way to clear my head and I do come back feeling great, even when I don’t want to go!  It’s Saturday morning here, what better way to start the day!

After I finished school, 100 years ago,  I never did much exercise and found that unfortunately my staple diet in my last year of school that consisted of a strawberry Moove and a packet of cheese or chicken Twisties didn’t work anymore and was heading straight for my thighs.  I did start to put on weight and eventually realised that I did want to be healthier and more active and just generally feel better.  I enjoy good food (I have improved from the Twisties days) and wine of course so I needed to balance that out with something to look after myself.

Sport was never my forte.  I always wished it was but I was more like the girl who wasn’t last to be picked but probably second last.  God I hated how they did that.  Those minutes were grueling.  Anyway, I got myself into running and now I actually really enjoy it.  It is rewarding and you do feel great after you go.  Definitely some days are harder than others but those are the days that you feel the best cause you did it.  And like this article says it does great things for your brain too.

It talks about the cliché of running and it clearing your head but they prove the point that really has anyone ever gone for a run and come home and still felt sad or angry or upset?  I know I never have.  Even when I have been stressed or upset, that 40 minutes gives you time to think and be with your thoughts.  If you can get out for a run in nature – the bush, the mountains or the beach you can feel 100% better when you return.  It really does clear your head and even if your problems haven’t gone away you feel mentally better to take on the challenges and move forward.

They talk about having found a link between exercise and cognitive clarity.  It was originally thought that new neurons weren’t produced in adult hood but this has been proven wrong and exercise actually does produce new neurons!  The human body is truly an amazing thing and just one more reason to just get your shoes on and hit the trails!

If you’d like to read on here for how neuroscientists explain more on the mind clearing magic of running.

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