Yummiest Banana Bread Ever!

yummiest banana bread ever

Recently I started subscribing to a fantastic New Zealand website I Am Co.  I wanted a good banana bread recipe.  Apart from being a New Zealand company and making delicious Delight boxes which are full of healthy and delicious products, they also put  lots of fantastic recipes on there.  After my detox week which you can read about at My Detox Week In Review, I decided that as we are a banana and banana bread loving family I would give this recipe a try.

One thing that it did have in it was a Cacao Nibs.  Now maybe I am a bit behind the times but I had never heard of these little delicacies before.  I bought the Connect Foods Organic Cacao Nibs, cacao nibs best banana bread everwhich first put the money you spend on their products towards helping rebuild the Costa Rican cacao industry and support the local families and communities which I thought was pretty cool, but it is extremely yummy and healthy as they use minimal processing in their products with no added preservatives or sweetener.  Apparently they have lots of antioxidants too so hey, we can have a few more!

I love the fact it used Coconut Sugar and Coconut oil as I am trying to give the kids healthier snacks for morning and afternoon tea as well as in the lunch box.  Plus I love the fact that lately when I have done some cooking, and as you know that isn’t very often, my little girl has loved being involved and stirring and helping add ingredients.  I tried to do cooking with my son but he was never really that interested so it’s nice to have an activity that we can do together.yummiest banana bread ever

Now while writing this, I have just been rereading the recipe and I realise I completely left out the cinnamon!  Ugh, how annoying.  None the less it was a complete success and the kids loved it and husband too.  So really I am pretty chuffed with myself.  Trying to stick to healthy eating plus cooking more than I normally do and it’s good stuff so I’m going to pat myself on the back and pour a glass of wine, because it’s Sunday and because I can.






It is absolutely bloody delicious, so here is the recipe as per their website:

Healthiest Banana Bread



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